Abby Green

The French Tycoon's Pregnant Mistress

A resilient widow has what it takes to keep a playboy billionaire on his toes in this scorching romance from the USA Today–bestselling author.
Devastatingly handsome French tycoon Pascal Lévêque has his sights set on sports reporter Alana Cusack. Her aloofness intrigues him—as well as her reluctance to connect with him on anything but a professional level.
Alana’s celebrity marriage to an Irish soccer star was a sham. It left her feeling unattractive and unwanted, even after her husband’s tragic death. Now that Pascal has claimed her as his mistress, he’ll teach Alana how to let down her guard—especially in the bedroom . . .
But passion leads to pregnancy, and Pascal vows he’ll take Alana to Paris—and to the altar!
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