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Meagan Mckinney

Fair Is the Rose

On the run from the law for a crime she didn’t commit, a woman must trust her life to a gunslinger who is not what he seems in award-winning author Meagan McKinney’s sensual and suspenseful historical romance
With her face on Wanted posters from New York to Missouri, Christal Van Alen dons a disguise, determined to clear her name by bringing the real killer to justice. But when outlaws ambush her wagon train, her fate falls into the hands of the most dangerous gunslinger in the West.
Bringing a gang of deadly felons to justice was supposed to be Macauley Cain’s last job. Then the Confederate soldier–turned–undercover US marshal could retire in peace. But first he is going to solve the mystery of the beautiful blonde in widow’s weeds—a woman who awakens in him a desire as irresistible as it is dangerous—for her past has followed her to Wyoming Territory. Now, with Christal on the run and a merciless assassin on her trail, Cain won’t rest until he finds her again.
The romantic saga of the Van Alen sisters also includes Lions and Lace, Alana Van Alen’s story.
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  • Nadien Al-Zubaidije citiralaпре 7 година
    You choose the rose, love, and I'll make the vow
    And I'll he your true love forever.
    Tommy Makem
  • Nadien Al-Zubaidije citiralaпре 7 година
    Carve on the wooden slab at his head,
    "Somebody's darling slumbers here."
    Penned by Marie Revenel La Coste,
    who tended confederate soldiers in the wards of
    Savannah and who lost her betrothed to the Cause
  • Nadien Al-Zubaidije citiralaпре 7 година
    Somebody's heart enshrined him there,
    Somebody wafted his name above,
    Night and morn, on the winds of prayer.
    Somebody wept when he marched away,
    Looking so handsome, brave and grand!
    Somebody's kiss on his forehead lay,
    Somebody clung to his parting hand.
    Somebody's watching and waiting for him,
    Yearning to hold him again to her heart;
    And there he lies with his blue eyes dim,
    And his smiling, childlike lips apart.
    Tenderly bury the fair young dead,
    Pausing to drop on his grave a

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