Robin Sacredfire

How to Magically Make a Lot of Money: How to Apply the Spiritual Laws of Wealth, Abundance and Prosperity to Become Financially Independent and Successful

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he material level is the result of our physical conceptualizations and beliefs. The ethereal level belongs to the realm of ideas, spiritual inspirations, soul purpose and everything else that is non-physical.
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Your life has a meaning already, so I can only help you make it meaningful.
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when in doubt, I prefer to offer a bunch of great toys to children. They are very good receivers and it's easier to feel gratitude through their eyes.
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you won't be able to attract wealth, in any given way, until you show yourself prepared to acquired it, and this state of mind starts with a feeling of abundance and confidence in the fact that you deserve what you wish.
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You don’t earn money, you create money. And you do this by manufacturing value.
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I followed what I love, so I spent my entire life producing music, drawing and writing books, just for the pleasure it gave me.
I had no idea of how to make money with art and everyone told me that I couldn't. But the laws of the spirit say that our talents always match the needs of the physical world. We were born with a purpose, which can only be delayed but never blocked.
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We’re born with a specific programming within our spirit. We can tune to it by noticing what makes us happy. And, when we follow it, life unfolds rapidly and positively.
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