Marcus Williams,Steam Books,Crystal White

Pent-Up Desire (with “Dive Bar”) – 2 Kinky Dominant/Submissive Interracial BWWM Short Stories from Steam Books

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Friends since childhood, Keeran and Devon experimented sexually in high school, but grew apart during college. When Keeran comes back to her hometown after graduation, she's stunned when Devon is the first person that she runs into. She's even more stunned by how much seeing him rekindles all the old feelings of lust.
This ebook also contains the hot short story “Dive Bar” by Marcus Williams in its entirety:
Being the only black woman working at a seedy bar, Michelle has grown a thick skin dealing with the clientele. Nothing could have ever prepared her, however, for what was in store for the night when a handsome new stranger, John, walked in.
WARNING: These stories add up to 7,755 steamy words featuring explicit content and may be too much for some readers to handle!

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