Soft Thorns, Bridgett Devoue
Bridgett Devoue

Soft Thorns

Soft Thorns is a poetry collection that takes the reader on a journey through a young woman’s life—from reckoning with her looks and sexuality to dealing with the trauma of sexual assault, and finally through the highs and lows of young love found and lost. Bridgett Devoue shares her raw, human story and the lessons learned from living a life fully.
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Venus Ray
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The thing is it seems childish. It isn't that great when it comes to poetry. Apart from the last few poems rest was just a waste. To be precise. I don't mean to hurt anyone. But that's just the truth.

Monika Ślazyk
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Bagul Bazarova
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limpojessineygraceje citiraoпре 2 месеца
and then it all hit me: i had all these painful, scary, and depressing days to thank for the person i had become. if i hadn’t hit my proverbial rock bottom, i would not have been able to plant my roots and grow upward.
amonikd1994je citiraoпре 6 месеци
using my pen as a north star of sorts, i was able to guide myself out of a deep depression.
Hajraah Mo
Hajraah Moje citiraoпре 8 месеци

i was born

with wide eyes

and a fragile heart

that never learned

to say no

i feel everything so deeply

like stones in my pockets

holding me under

to drown

as women

everyone thinks we’re fine

because makeup hides

the sleepless nights

and the tears we cry





these are not my name

and i am not yours

but you use intimate words

to give yourself a false sense

of dominance over me

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