Jennifer Becker

Protecting Kinsley

After an explosion that burned half her body and almost killed her team, Kinsley Jameson is forced on R and R by the FBI. Her best friend Abigail suggests a little retreat in Fort Irwin, California to get it. 
But Kinsley isn’t interested in a vacation. She only had one goal, one focus. Getting back to work and capture the terrorist that scarred her face. Kinsley has never lost a suspect before and isn’t about to start now. It isn’t just her reputation on the line but her career. 
Carter Barnes meets the scarred woman but sees so much more than the snarly woman whose bark is just as bad as her bite. The doctor in him wants to heal Kinsley but she’s only interested in him to help her get back into fighting shape. 
Carter sees that Kinsley not only carries wounds on the outside but the inside as well. He will tear through her defenses piece by piece and help Kinsley heal.
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