Give Me a K-I-L-L, R.L.Stine

Give Me a K-I-L-L

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At Shadyside High, cheerleading can be a scream!
For the first time since the original series, R.L. Stine brings back his most beloved characters—the cheerleaders of Shadyside High.
The cheerleading squad at Shadyside has always been strong, but now there are rumors that lack of funds may mean the end of cheerleading at Shadyside. That would be a shame for Heather Wyatt, who has just transferred from her old school, where she was a star, and is eager to join the squad. There’s only one other girl who stands in her way—rich, spoiled Devra Dalby, who is also trying out for the one open slot. The competition to join the squad is anything but friendly—and it ends in murder. Will Heather make the squad—if there's even a squad anymore—or will she end up dead?
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“Coach Walker said you were from Savanna Mills,” Devra said. “Is that really a place? It sounds made up.”

She and Courtney laughed, as if that was a great joke.

“It’s a real place,” Gretchen said. “But if you blink, you miss it.”

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