Mike Kostelny Ph.D.

Which One Will You Feed

“To look into the eyes of a wolf is to see your own soul!”

-— Native American Proverb

The ancient legend has been recounted many times, and in many ways, of an Old Cherokee Chief, who tells the Tale to his grand-children, surrounding a night-time camp fire, about the duty to choose 'life', or 'death' within each one of us, the Peoples of this Land. “Inside each one of us,” boldly declares the Chief: “There are two wolves fighting! The One: sinister and dark ('big bad') wolf has many bad qualities, that define his persona; whereas, the other light grey (or white) wolf has the opposing character traits. These two wolves are in a 'life-and-death struggle' fighting to the bitter end!” Then the Elderly Chief smiled and paused (to let his words sink in)— “But Grand-pa!” impetuously blurted out his littlest grandson: “Which wolf wins?!” With a twinkle in his eye, the Aged Chief gives this simple, yet profound reply: “The One You Feed!”

This book exemplifies: 'Which One will you (choose to) Feed?!'

It is a true story, one that needs to be exposed: The stark startling account of: Child Crime in Canada!

It is a Truth whose time has come! An exposé (long overdue) that needs to be told. True, I'll admit, it may be unpleasant to some ears. But then, (The) Truth, arguably, has never been pleasant!
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