Citati iz knjige „The Favorite“ autora Kiera Cass

pulled her hands up to her heart
lodging and assistance
and the instant he realized
tending to the grounds
safely tucked away in our room.
all the conversations still revolved around the attack.
The guard on the floor was up in a flash
tiny black speck
pin her down to keep her still.
“We’re all counting on absolute secrecy,”
Each day I fretted more and more
You’ve seemed down lately
scooped the loose flour off
my palms swelled and throbbed.
provide for our family
who’d been begging on a corner for ages dead in the middle of the road.
I gaped at her in disbelief
Now you will be trading places with
he and I were sprawled out on
I darted to the door, shutting it.
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