Michael Widmore

Create Your Own Affirmations, Autosuggestions and Self Hypnosis Products

This book will equip and educate you with the tools you would need to practically change anything in your life! Whether it is for healing, abundance/wealth, self confidence and any other mental or emotional issues; they can easily be remedied by applying the techniques in this book and adding in your own twist.Hypnosis, Autosuggestion, Affirmations and Visualizations are really just one and the same thing! By knowing what they are, the principles can be mixed and matched to create your own methods of self-change.I would also like to suggest that you utilize any media at your disposal and spread these all around, so that they can work in autopilot as you go about your business and life.You may use post-it notes, mp3 recordings that play 24/7, pictures on your desk or monitor; literally sky’s the limit on the amount of custom made self change products and devices that you can make to make the most change in your life!=================TABLE OF CONTENTS=================IntroductionOverview of HypnosisHypnosis Is Not VoodooHypnosis Compliments Conventional MedicineCommon Misconceptions About The CraftAll Hypnosis Is Self-HypnosisSelf Hypnosis For The BeginnerA Self Hypnosis RecipeGoing DeeperGoing A Little Much DeeperPlan it outBuilding Self-ConfidenceReduced self-confidence is not necessarily equal to reduced social esteemBlueprint For Better Self Confidence or Self EsteemHypnosis for Weight LossAreas We Can Work On HypnoticallyPositive Self-TalkThink a second time just before eatingDeep Breathing TechniquesUse VisualizationEffortless Results Pour InThe Placebo EffectAffirmationsUse the appropriate toneRepetitionPatienceHow to Create AffirmationsThere are 2 instances when you should exercise saying your affirmations:VisualizationsConclusion
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