A Joosr Guide to… The More of Less by Joshua Becker

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Do you have too many possessions? Are the things you own a drain on your space, time, and energy, as well as your money? Why not set yourself free to pursue your passions and live a fuller, richer, more contented life by becoming a minimalist.

Minimalism is a lifestyle and set of practices that will help you live a life of abundance. Discover the benefits of minimalism in The More of Less, and begin to shape a minimalist practice that works for you-then put your newfound freedom to good use.

You will learn:

· The first steps to getting started on a minimalist path.

· Smart tools and strategies for dealing with tough-to-get-rid-of clutter.

· The hidden reasons why you shop and spend.
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    Are the things you own enriching your life? Or are they actually a burden and a drain on you? All our lives, we’ve been taught that happiness, satisfaction, and fulfillment can be found in material possessions. The result? Most of us now have much more than we need and live in clutter-filled homes that cause us stress. But the truth is, the things that we own don’t bring us genuine contentment. In fact, they take up precious space, time, money, energy, and attention

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