Sarah Rayne

Ghost Song

A once-glittering music hall now hides dark mysteries in this atmospheric thriller set in both present day and Edwardian London.
A hundred years ago, the Tarleton Music Hall on London's south bank was one of the city's most popular attractions. People lined up night after night to see its headliner, the legendary song-and-dance man Toby Chance. But that was before Toby disappeared in 1914. People were shocked to see the Tarleton suddenly locked up. But that’s how it’s been ever since.
Today, with property prices soaring, an investment group hires Robert Fallon to survey the place. Fallon is as charmed by the project, especially when he hears the rumors of a Singing Ghost who haunts the building. But he must admit that something is indeed odd about the Tarleton. What, for instance, can be made of the mysterious wall in the basement?
Fallon delves into the Tarleton’s history, and learns the story of the brilliant but troubled Toby Chance. But the deeper he goes, the harder it is to shake the feeling that he is being menaced by the past.
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