Patrice Lawrence

Granny Ting Ting

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Nine-year-old Michael is coming from London to Trinidad to visit hisgrandmother, who is recovering from a difficult operation, and histen-year-old cousin, Shayla. A fierce rivalry develops between the twochildren and everything becomes a competition – who can eat the hottestfood, climb the tallest tree, tell the spookiest story. Michael winseach time and Shayla confesses to her mum that she feels Michael's lifeis much more exciting than hers in Arouca. She thought she was special,but everything she can do, Michael can do so much better. LuckilyShayla's mum has a plan that will make Shayla realise her own goodqualities, and for cheering up her poor old granny in the process…Granny Ting Ting is a contemporary story set in Trinidad.
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