Citati iz knjige „Inside V“ autora Paula Priamos

What my husband and I share goes beyond marital vows on a cliff top at Big Sur, several feet deep down in the desert floor to the real whereabouts of the one person who dared and tried to break us apart.
We are woven closer than the DNA of a child we’ve decided we will never conceive.
I, too, am a defense lawyer, the truth a malleable
, too, am a defense lawyer, the truth a malleable thing it’s my job to reshape.
Hitting the man is not the driver’s fault since the guy must’ve crossed seconds after me when the light for the bus driver was most definitely green. But the facts won’t matter. Whether he blames himself or not, the driver will no longer trust his reflexes at the wheel.
sorority girl in the back frowned. She bucked the average stereotype of a pretty dumb blonde. Her GPA was a 4.0. She had big plans of moving to Manhattan and weaseling her way in at the bottom of the corporate ladder at a lucrative global powerhouse like Morgan Stanley.
He was one of those irritating types, part of the slim pack of the biologically fortunate like Grant who had it all—intelligence, wit, and looks.
Right now, Reynolds is doing everything to reassure his client with promises of a swift appeal, a plea for a lighter sentence, the common rhetoric of a defense already lost.
The Botox soccer moms
She’s striking in that youthful way that could very well be blunted by the type of life she’s about to lead as an adult.
Reynolds isn’t particularly attractive, with a hard drinker’s bulbous nose and a couple of wide folds at the belly. The only time a female approaches his table is to drop off the check.
With high ambitions of becoming District Attorney for the city of Los Angeles, she’d inject testosterone and grow stubble on her chin if it meant she’d reach the highest rank any time sooner.
We both had a thing for Chinese food and Mexican
I let the silence say the rest.
The sadness is overwhelming, it’s bone deep.
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