Citati iz knjige „Family Wisdom from the Monk Who Sold His Ferrari“ autora Robin Sharma

the sake of living rather than living for the sake of work.
Never forget that the best gift you can ever give your kids is the gift of your time.”
leadership in your life begins with leadership in your home.
‘One of the saddest experiences which can come to a human being is to awaken, gray-haired and wrinkled, near the close of an unproductive life, to the fact that all through the years he has been using only a small part of himself,’
General James Doolittle of the U.S. Air Force, who made the point of wisdom I’m trying to convey in these terms: ‘We were put on earth for one purpose and that is to make it a better place. We should, therefore, be contributing members of society. And if the earth, as a result of our having been on it, is a better place than it was before we came, then we have achieved our destiny.’”
Happiness does not arrive when you achieve certain things. It comes when you think certain thoughts. Happiness is nothing more than a state of mind that you create by the way that you process and interpret the events of your life.
Tonys. Emmys. But we are all eligible for life’s small pleasures. A pat on the back. A kiss behind the ear. A four pound bass. A full moon. An empty parking space. A crackling fire. A great meal. A glorious sunset. Hot soup. Cold beer. Don’t fret about getting life’s grand awards. Enjoy its tiny delights. There are plenty for all of us.
‘Adversity is the diamond dust that heaven polishes its jewels with.’”
at the end of your life you will find that the things you thought were the big things were actually
our lives and we allow ourselves some time for a little deep reflection, we catch a glimpse of the joys we could have experienced, the kindnesses we could have given, and the people we could have been. But by then, it’s too late. By the time most of us wake up to living, it’s time to lay down. Thankfully, my awakening came sooner.
I’ve learned that what really counts in life, in the end, is not how many toys we have collected or how much money we’ve accumulated, but how many of our talents we have liberated and used for a purpose that adds value to this world.
ensure that you never leave the site of a goal without taking some action towards its advancement
You can have anything you want if you want it desperately enough. You must want it with an exuberance that erupts through the skin and joins the energy that created the world
envision daily, set goals weekly, walk with giants regularly and give graciously.
everything begins as a vision; then it falls to the dreamer to make it all happen
After you discover these attributes, you should then help the kids become aware of their personal gifts so they develop an understanding of what makes them special as human beings
Most people spend too much time thinking and not enough time feeling. Start listening to your heart more. Begin to connect with the inner wisdom it carries. When you listen to that small voice that resides deep within you, you will know the right way to live
When the relationship between the parents was loving and built upon mutual respect, the family unit was often more loving as a whole, and each member showed greater respect for one another’s needs
families spent lots of time together
these families believed that listening and lots of honest family discussions were essential
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