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Neville Goddard

Awakened Imagination

In this book the author talks about how to manifest his imaginations and receive what you have longed for. Powerful and yet easy to understand everybody. Not more than a day's reading, but it will shed a new light on many things.


Chapter One — Who Is Your Imagination?
Chapter Two — Sealed Instructions
Chapter Three — Highways Of The Inner World
Chapter Four — The Pruning Shears Of Revision
Chapter Five — The Coin Of Heaven
Chapter Six — It Is Within
Chapter Seven — Creation Is Finished
Chapter Eight — The Apple Of God's Eye
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    Construct mentally a drama which implies that your desire is realized and make it one which involves movement of self. Immobilize your outer physical self. Act precisely as though you were going to take a nap, and start the predetermined action in imagination
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    the neverending struggle of the younger or inner man of imagination to assert His supremacy over the elder or outer man of sense.
  • oilersstapes0sje citiraoпре 4 месеца
    We must translate vision into Being, thinking of into thinking from.

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