Christina Bauer


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When it comes to fighting, Prince Lincoln is the greatest demon killer in the history of his people, the thrax. Now Lincoln faces his hardest fight yet…and it’s not on a traditional battlefield.
The part-angel prince has fallen for a quasi-demon girl. Hard.
Trouble is, Lincoln’s people see anyone demonic as an enemy be hunted. Soon the girl who’s stolen Lincoln’s heart, a quasi-demon named Myla Lewis, becomes the number one target of Lincoln’s own warriors. It’s something the High Prince of the Thrax won’t stand for. At all.
No matter what, Lincoln will protect his Myla.
“Loved this look into Lincoln's head!” — Smada’s Book Smack
“So addicting! Highly recommend!” — Diary Of A Wannabe Writer
“I. LOVE. LINCOLN.” — Antonella’s Book World
Angelbound Lincoln Series
Stories from the perspective of Mister the Prince
1. Duty Bound, a novella
2. Lincoln, a 100,000-word novel telling ANGELBOUND from Prince Lincoln’s point of view
3. Trickster
4. Baculum
5. Angelfire
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