Death by Water, Kenzaburo Oe
Kenzaburo Oe

Death by Water

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Tarlan Asadli
Tarlan Asadlije citiraoпре 3 године
we’ll be indebted to her forever
ouhalije citiraoпре 4 године
uncle said to me, “you managed to get into that university. Great news, but what’s your major?”
When I replied that I was studying literature, he made no attempt to hide his disappointment.
“In that case,” he said glumly, “you probably can’t expect to find a decent job after you leave school, can you?”
Then my mother, who was usually rather reserved in social situations, came out with a totally unexpected suggestion. Her words threw me into a state of confusion, for until then I had aspired to nothing more ambitious than becoming a French literature scholar.
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