Lucy Felthouse,Sommer Marsden,Marlene Yong,John McKeown,Abigail Thornton

Deliberate Display

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Deliberate Display by Abigail Thornton

Julie is looking forward to going home after a long season working in a Spanish hotel. Her final weeks are complicated by the arrival of demanding newlyweds Ruth and Callum, but she bends over backwards to meet their needs. When Julie is presented with eye-popping evidence relating to complaints from surrounding hotels, she is intrigued, convinced that the couple are putting on a deliberate show. Catching them in the act, Julie puts professionalism to one side and finds herself a willing participant in their saucy show.

The Convent Girls’ Tale by Marlene Yong

Thrown together in a convent, Vanessa and Dympna enjoy their sexual initiation at 18 and discover their individual erotic skills within weeks of each other. Years later, separated by their chosen paths in life, they meet and Vanessa recounts her latest sexual adventure to Dympna. But is each concealing a secret from the other?

Going Native by John McKeown

An alien interstellar tour company offers its clientele a visual safari involving the Sex Practices of Primitive Races. When it arrives at planet Earth, the sexually deprogrammed alien humanoids are not aroused by what they see – except for one tour operative who is unaccountably turned on by the bedroom antics of the Earthlings. Intrigued by the thought of a more hands-on experience, she jumps ship to mix with them – with consequences that may alter the future for her, her shipmates, and their entire frigid race.

Laundry Day by Sommer Marsden

Donaldson? Davidson? Jade and Clark may not be sure of their across-the-way neighbours’ surname, but they do know Wednesday is their laundry night. Every week, they watch through the window as the horny pair have sex during the first dryer load – which keeps their own spark alive too. It’s a secret situation, but Jade’s convinced it’s win-win – everyone ends up satisfied in the bedroom … and the kitchen.

Private Performance by Lucy Felthouse

Robyn has a huge crush on a member of London’s hottest male dance troupe. When Sean moves his incredible body and thrusts his snake hips in her direction, she’s helpless to do anything but watch. She pays a fortune to go to as many of his performances as she can, then rushes home to touch herself as she thinks of him. His raw sex appeal and pure animal magnetism are the most powerful aphrodisiac she’s ever experienced. Then, one night, he issues an invitation she can’t refuse.

These stories also appear in Watching Me, Watching You which is also published by Xcite Books.
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