Agatha Christie


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Previously published in the print anthology The Witness for the Prosecution and Other Stories.
Visiting the country, retired Inspector Evans meets Mrs. Marrowdene. Could she be the same woman he once suspected of murdering her husband? And what are her plans for her new spouse?
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    And I tell you this—it’s the same woman—not a doubt of it!”
    Captain Haydock looked into the eager, vehement face of his friend and sighed. He wished Evans would not be so positive and so jubilant. In the course of a career spent at sea, the old sea captain had learned to leave things that did not concern him well alone. His friend, Evans, late C.I.D. Inspector, had a different philosophy of life. “Acting on information received—” had been his motto in early days, and he had improved upon it to the extent of finding out his own information. Inspector Evans had been a very smart, wide-awake officer, and had justly earned the promotion which had been his. Even now, when he had retired from the force, and had settled down in the country cottage of his dreams, his professional instinct was still active.
    “Don’t often forget a face,” he reiterated complacently. “Mrs. Anthony—yes, it’s Mrs. Anthony right

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