Jack Goldstein

Slenderman, Slenderman – And Other Terrifying Tales

A boy who makes up tall tales to scare his friends, but has the tables turned on him… A girl who should have been more careful what she wished for… A young know-it-all who is sure he knows how a magician’s tricks work… These are just three of the terrifying tales featured in the fantastic collection from bestselling author Jack Goldstein.

With three macabre short stories and three poems with unexpected twists, both adults and children will enjoy being scared out of their wits. A word of caution however – all of the stories feature mature horror themes, and may not suit the youngest – or most timid readers. If, however, the thought of Slenderman running his long, thin decomposing fingers through your hair sounds exhilarating, then you are sure to enjoy being truly terrified by this haunting anthology!
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    🙈Ne drži pažnju

    It was BADDDDD


  • Dinahje citiraoпре 6 година
    But he didn’t want to seem to be the odd one out, so he joined in with the rest of the children’s pleading to hear more.
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