M.L. Buchman

Target Lock on Love

She buries her past. He honors his past. But it’s the future that may kill them both.

“Full of suspense, tension, questions, and amazing characters.”

Patty O’Donoghue left her home in Gloucester, right where it belongs in the best-forgotten past. She now flies her beloved Night Stalkers helicopters.

Lieutenant Mick Quinn honors his past so deeply that he left his family’s Alaskan crabbing boat to join the very best fleet he could find.

Fate takes them beyond the last island in the Aleutians and forces them together on a fishing trawler to disable a new Russian threat. The falling in love part? For damn sure that was never in the mission plan.

“A top military romance writer. 6 stars!”

[Can be read stand-alone or in series. A complete happy-ever-after with no cliffhangers. Originally published in “The Night Stalkers 5E” series in 2015. Re-edited 2021 for improved reader experience but still the same great story.]

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