Shadows & Reflections, Roger Zelazny, Steven Brust, Lawrence Watt-Evans, Jane Lindskold, Warren Lapine, Kelly McCullough, Shariann Lewitt, Edward J.McFadden III, Steve Perry, Michael Hanson, Gerald Hausman, Gio Clairval, Jay O’Co, Mark Rich, Shannon Zelazny, Theodore Krulik
Roger Zelazny,Steven Brust,Lawrence Watt-Evans,Jane Lindskold,Warren Lapine,Kelly McCullough,Shariann Lewitt,Edward J.McFadden III,Steve Perry,Michael Hanson,Gerald Hausman,Gio Clairval,Jay O’Co,Mark Rich,Shannon Zelazny,Theodore Krulik

Shadows & Reflections

Shadows and Reflections is the Roger Zelazny tribute anthology you’ve been waiting for. Here are stories that are not just inspired by Roger Zelazny, but stories set in universes created by Roger Zelazny. Finding Shadows and Reflections is like discovering a new Zelazny collection full of old friends that you thought you’d never see again. You’ll find stories set in many of your favorite universes: Lord of Light, Isle of the Dead, Madwand, Creatures of Light and Darkness, and Jack of Shadows,to name only a few.

George R. R. Martin introduces the anthology, and Roger’s daughter, Shannon Zelazny, provides an afterword. Both provide insight into the wonderful and complex man that Roger Zelazny was. Contributors include Steven Brust, Steve Perry, Lawrence Watt-Evans, Kelly McCullough, Jane Lindskold, Shariann Lewitt, and many others. Also included as a special treat is a very rare Roger Zelazny story. This anthology was edited by his son Trent Zelazny, a Nightmare Award winner, and Warren Lapine, who has been nominated for both the Hugo and World Fantasy Awards. You will not soon forget this outstanding anthology.
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