Barbara Cartland

A Very Special Love

When a strange Priest calls to inform him that his young and very beautiful Ward, Zia Langley, whom he has never troubled to meet, wants to be a nun and asks for his permission, the dashing and handsome Marquis of Okehampton is irritated at this distraction from his wild love life.
The Marquis is particularly involved with Yasmin Caton, the enchantingly lovely wife of a distinguished Peer, who is much older than her and is believed to be close to death. She is determined to marry the Marquis when her husband does die and uses every wile she can think of to force him up the aisle.
And when the strange Priest demands the transfer to the Convent of all Zia's worldly goods and, knowing that Zia has inherited a vast fortune, the Marquis smells a rat.
Insisting on visiting this Convent to meet his Ward, he travels to Cornwall in his magnificent yacht.
He is introduced to a very ugly young woman, whom he realises is an imposter, before whisking away the real Zia Langley to his Park Lane mansion in London.
But just as the Marquis discovers the real Zia's stunning beauty and realises that he is falling in love, the evil Priest kidnaps her and is demanding an impossible sum for her release.
Can the Marquis save his Ward and their very special love in time?
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    “You have to believe me,” he went on, “because I think that your instinct and your love for me would tell you if I was lying, just as it will also make you know that I am telling you the truth.”

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