Darin Jewell,Conrad Jones

Publish and Promote Your Ebook IN A DAY

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This book explains how to turn your manuscript into an ebook, and use various market channels to sell your book efficiently and effectively. The first few chapters explain how to improve your book’s chance of commercial success by writing hooks in your book, proofreading your own work, formatting and typesetting your book, converting it into a digital download and uploading it for sale on Amazon Kindle. This book explains how to use Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Pinterest and other social networking sites to promote your book to reach a global market, and explains how to successfully building an author brand, develop an Amazon Author Page and participate on Kindleboards.

Being savvy online is an important part of publishing and promoting your ebook. Tweeting and retweeting on Twitter, linking to Pinterest and other social bookmarking sites, and securing positive reviews from experts on Goodreads and other social cataloguing websites are just some of the useful online tips this book covers. It also explains how to seek reviews and high-level endorsements for your book, how to set yourself up as a reviewer and how to provide reciprocal reviews of other authors’ books.

Want to raise your literary profile and build up a readership and fan base but don’t know where to start? This book walks you through blogging, the ins and outs of YouTube and the importance of an author website to help get your presence out there and your work known. It even discusses how to sell the foreign rights to your book and seek traditional publication once your book has garnered local and regional notoriety. Turn your book into a bestseller! ‘Publish and Promote Your Ebook IN A DAY’ will show you how.
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