Vivian Robbins

Weight Loss Beginner’s Guide To Food Points

This book covers everything you need to know about how you can lose weight and sustain it with ease.

It includes all the information you need to know about using food points, how to calculate them, how to work out your optimal intake per day, how you can still lose weight while eating what you want, and most importantly, how you can integrate a healthy lifestyle into your routine so that once you lose weight, it stays off.

Many people feel that dieting is restrictive, boring, and prevents them from eating their favorite foods. However, this is not what food points dieting is like at all. It doesn't restrict any kind of food and helps you to lose weight in a flexible way.

That is because it derives from the proven concept of “calories in vs. calories out”. The method has been simplified further into a point based system where instead of counting calories, we are counting instead.

Many people fail their diets simply because they are too restrictive or they demand a complete change in lifestyle overnight. We can all agree restrictive diets rarely work long-term. The food points diet outlined here does not force drastic changes and has a proven track record of success.

What Makes This Book Unique?

This book is a collection of tried and tested dieting information and a guide to keep you positive whilst dieting. It's built on scientific research and solid facts, with easy explanations on how you can calculate your personal daily food points allowance.

There are many dieting books out there that talk about quick fixes but these rarely last long-term. This book is different – it promises long-lasting results through food points and a host of delicious recipes for you to try.

Everything is carefully explained step-by-step with none of the industry jargon – just plain English to make dieting easy and accessible for anyone and everybody.

The Following is Included in this Book:

- Beginning Your Weight Loss Journey

- What Are Food Points And How Do They Work?

- Calculating Your Daily Points Allowance

- Your Shopping List

- Your 30-Day Meal Plan

- Twenty Great Recipes

- Weight Loss Tips And Tricks

- Reasons Why You Aren't Losing Weight

- Frequently Asked Questions

- And much more!

You have made a life-changing first step in your weight loss journey by trying out the food points method for weight loss. Take this opportunity to also purchase your own copy today.

Don't let life pass by without knowing what you are capable of. You too can lose weight and get the healthy body that you deserve and have always wanted – while still eating and drinking the foods and drinks you love!

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