Stephen Crane

The Red Badge of Courage

The Red Badge of Courage is a war novel by American author Stephen Crane. Taking place during the American Civil War, the story is about a young private of the Union Army, Henry Fleming, who flees from the field of battle.
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    Marc Thompsonje podelio/la utisakпрошле године

    Not what I was expecting, but enjoyable

    John Micallefje podelio/la utisakпре 5 година
    👍Vredna čitanja
    🎯Vredna čitanja

    Good novel

    Libby Harrisje podelio/la utisakпре 5 година
    👍Vredna čitanja
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    Dan Zúñigaje citiraoпрошле године
    And they were men.
    Dan Zúñigaje citiraoпрошле године
    Within him, as he hurled himself forward, was born a love, a despairing fondness for this flag which was near him.
    Dan Zúñigaje citiraoпрошле године
    New eyes were given to him. And the most startling thing was to learn suddenly that he was very insignificant

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