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For fans of The Foundation Trilogy, Dune, and Ringworld comes the three books of the epic Prosperine Trilogy in one super value volume.

The people on the planet Prosperine are like no others in the galaxy. Prosperine didn't have an extinction event like Earth, so the most aggressive species survived…and evolved. But in 2179 of the modern era, the Avanauri look human—more or less—although they do hatch from eggs. It comes as a shock, when one of the locals is reported to be performing miracles, so the Alien Corps' Hickory Lace is sent to investigate.

Prosperine’s sun is on the way to becoming a red giant, and the planet is radiation paradise. Every living thing on the ground, under the sea, and in the air, is dangerous to humans, doubly so when there’s an embargo on bringing modern weapons to the surface.

When Hickory and her crew, space pilot Jess Parker and the young genius Gareth Blanquette, arrive on Prosperine to check out the situation, they become enmeshed in interplanetary politics, and are faced with a bloody revolution, alien mercenaries, a mystic known as "the Teacher," and a sword with supernatural powers. Explosive and unexpected, the story evolves through each book to reach its dramatic conclusion.

If you enjoy epic science fiction with a touch of the supernatural and a strong female lead, then you'll love this captivating story by PJ McDermott.

Buy Prosperine today and see why readers are calling McDermott a ‘contemporary Asimov.’
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