Steven Bright

How to Open Payoneer US Bank Account

Are you an Author or a Freelancer who works through Fiverr, Up works, Freelancer, or any other online platform but find it difficult to get your Royalties or Earnings because your local bank is not supported for payment transactions by these online business platforms? Then the payment solution you need is Payoneer U.S bank account and its master card.

Payoneer is a payment solution that opens a US bank account for you so that as an online worker whose country’s bank account is not accepted by most online work places, you can use it to process the payment of your royalties or earnings.

What You will learn:
*How to Register for Payoneer Bank Account.
*How to Verify your Application through Payoneer Website.
*How to Re-order Payoneer Master card.
*How to Activate Your Payoneer Master card.
*How to withdraw your Payoneer funds.
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