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Ichak Adizes

Managing Corporate Lifecycles

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The complete, revised edition of Managing Corporate Lifecycles combines both Volumes of Managing Corporate Lifecycles I and II in a beautifully bound hardcover. In it, Dr. Adizes carries forward the analysis of corporate birth, development, and decline pioneered in his 1988 classic Corporate Lifecycles: How and Why Corporations Grow and Die and What to Do About It.
Offering many fresh insights and refinements to his powerful tools for enhancing organizational problem-solving capability, the book is a practical guide for companies on the path to Prime — the balance of creativity and control required for maximum efficiency. Bringing readers up-to-date on his theory and practice,  Dr. Adizes presents practical strategies for achieving Prime while avoiding the normal problems of growth. He offers proactive measures for maintaining focus and vision, nurturing a climate of mutual trust and respect, and avoiding the onset of aging in corporate structures. With Dr. Adizes´ strategies to anticipate and ease the normal predictable problems of growth every organization can reach Prime — and stay there.
«Dr. Adizes's book Managing Corporate Lifecycles is the most comprehensive in the field. His whole systems approach is masterful in viewing organizational development as a living organism that corresponds to cycles in human and planetary biology. His work is a contribution to the entire field of human endeavor.» -Rama J. Vernon PresidentCenter for International Dialogue Academy for Conflict Resolution and Peace Studies
«Compulsive reading for every CEO statesman or spouse! Embracing diversity the Adizes way could have saved countless corporations countries and marriages!» -Philip Krawitz CEO of Cape Union Mart 1998 Cape Town Businessman of the Year
«As usual Dr. Adizes is right on target. Most CEOs will see themselves their managers and the organization they work for vividly portrayed and described. Study this and you will avoid a lot of the mistakes.»  -Ricardo Salinas CEO of Television Azteka and Elektra of Mexico
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    In Courtship, the founder’s motivating goal should be to satisfy a market need, to create value, to make meaning.1
  • Зарина Какеноваje citiraoпре 4 године
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    He who has a why to live can bear almost any how.

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