Payback, Margaret Atwood
Margaret Atwood


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In this wide-ranging history of debt Margaret Atwood investigates its many meanings through the ages, from ancient times to the current global financial meltdown. Many of us wonder: how could we have let such a collapse happen? How old or inevitable is this human pattern of debt?
Imaginative, topical and insightful, Payback urges us to reconsider our ideas of ownership and debt — before it is too late.
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bin full of gold coins, in which he and his three adopted nephews splashed around as if in a swimming pool. Money, for Uncle Scrooge and the young duck triplets, was not the ro
first these appeared to be distinct categories. There were the things of God, which were unseen.
What corresponding ancient inner foundation stone underlies the elaborate fretwork of debt that surrounds us on every side?
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