Christina Daves

PR for Anyone

The do-it-yourself guide to getting publicity for your business—without a big budget!
Christina Daves, founder of PR for Anyone, knows how to get a business noticed without breaking the bank. In this book, she reveals how she appeared in over fifty media outlets in one year—including The Steve Harvey Show, Dr. Oz, NBC, FOX, CBS, Parenting Magazine, the Washington Post and more. And for other entrepreneurs trying to make an impression on potential customers or clients, she also offers expert advice on how to:
* Brand your business so your message is consistent
* Get FREE media exposure!
* Share your message with journalists in a timely, effective way
* Find the right people and places to get results
* and much more
“Lays out the exact steps you must take to become a media master and secure massive exposure . . . priceless.” —Steve Olsher, New York Times–bestselling author of What’s Your WHAT
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