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Summary: Getting Into Your Customer's Head – Kevin Davis

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The must-read summary of Kevin Davis' book: «Getting Into Your Customer's Head: 8 Secret Roles of Selling Your Competitors Don’t Know». This complete summary of the ideas from Kevin Davis' book “Getting Into Your Customer's Head” explains that most sales today are made through a four-stage buy-learning process: 1. Prospective customers become aware of a need for something 2. They study all the options available to meet that need, and the cost of each option 3. They make a buying decision and 4. They evaluate whether or not they are receiving value-for-money on an ongoing basis. To be most effective, the sales process requires the sales person to adopt different roles at different times, depending on which stage of the buy-learning process the person is at. The various sales roles provide suggested modes of action that will be appropriate for each of those given situations. Customer-focused selling requires sellers to go through an entire sequence of customer-focused selling roles: student, doctor, architect, coach, therapist, negotiator, teacher and farmer. Each of these distinctive roles are designed to match productive sales techniques with the buyer’s behavior and requirements throughout the overall sales sequence. Added-value of this summary: • Save time • Understand key concepts • Increase your business knowledgeTo learn more, read “Getting Into Your Customer's Head” and discover a useful and practical guide for salespeople willing to succeed in today’s marketplace.
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