Barbara Cartland

The Ghost who Fell in Love

When her irresponsible brother rents the family home, Langston Manor, for the duration of the Royal Ascot races to Valient, Earl of Trevarnon and his wild gentleman friends, lonely and innocent young Demelza is afraid.
Although married to a woman who has lost her mind and is in an asylum, Trevarnon is a well-known 'ladies' man' – and, for her own safety and modesty, Demelza agrees to hide among The Manor's maze of secret passages. As she watches, though, through the old house's ancient peepholes, she sees another, very different, side to the notorious Nobleman.
Suddenly one moonlit night, under a honeysuckle arbour, Demelza realises that she has lost her heart utterly to this dashing stranger. But her love is wrong.
Valient Trevarnon can never, ever be hers! Then, when she secretly foils a sinister plot against her beloved, she triggers a chain of events and an overwhelming passion far beyond her control – and perhaps now she dares to hope for her heart's desire –
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    The abuses suffered by horses is shocking!

    ‘You rode Rollo the whole way? Oh, Gerard, how could you?”

    “I rested him while I had something to eat and rode him carefully for the last five miles,” her brother answered. “I also came across country, which is shorter as you well know. I cannot afford to have more than one horse in London at the same time.”

    “Yes, I know that, but it is really too far for him.”

    “And for me!” Gerard replied. “I suppose there is no chance of a bath?”

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    Demelza drew in her breath at the insistence in his voice. As if he felt she was going to refuse his request, he added,

    “I understand if you feel it is unconventional that we should talk here, but where else can we go?”

    For a moment h
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    their union would result in children
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    he had not until now given any thought to the fact that

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