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Charlotte E. English

The Wonders of Vale

We’re all mad here…

Dispatched overseas — far, far overseas — we're in hot water. Again.

Following in the footsteps of a long-lost king, we're on the road to the mysterious Vales of Wonder.

The upside? It's a hot-bed of magickal marvels, the likes of which we've literally never seen before.

The downside? Danger. Because who ever said adventure would be easy?

Fortunately, we have help.

One reviled but aggravatingly handy beast specialist: check.

One world-famous, awe-inspiring, purple-clad troll scholar: check.

One perambulatory, half-mad house with a crush on Jay: check.

Not to mention a magickal pup, an even more magickal unicorn, a talking book, a jewelled scroll-case map, a magic Wand, an ethereal faerie lyre, and an excitingly untested tool from the Society’s own hermit genius.

With an arsenal like that, the mission can only be an unqualified success. Right…?
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