Herbert Spencer

The Philosophy of Style

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  • Sofya Averchenkovaje citiralaпре 6 година
    To have a specific style is to be poor in speech
  • Sofya Averchenkovaje citiralaпре 6 година
    As immediately after looking at the sun we cannot perceive the light of a fire, while by looking at the fire first and the sun afterwards we can perceive both; so, after receiving a brilliant, or weighty, or terrible thought, we cannot appreciate a less brilliant, less weighty, or less terrible one, while, by reversing the order, we can appreciate each.
  • Sofya Averchenkovaje citiralaпре 6 година
    when, by the action of a faculty, waste has been incurred, some lapse of time must take place before full efficiency can be reacquired; and this time must be long in proportion as the waste has been great.
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