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Bertrand Russell

The Analysis of Mind

"The House That Jill Built, after Jack's Had Proved a Failure" is a series of papers by Eugene C. Gardner, an American architect and author of Springfield, Massachusetts. In this book, Gardner expresses his thoughts on the principles of building comfortable and utilitarian buildings. The author talks about subjects such as interior finish, the composition of stairs, and doors, the architecture of chimneys, and others.
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  • Yauheni Leaniukje citiraoпре 7 година
    the concept is the result of judgment
  • Yauheni Leaniukje citiraoпре 7 година
    Two people listening to the same sound do not hear exactly the same thing, because one is nearer to the source of the sound than the other, one has better hearing than the other, and so on.
  • Yauheni Leaniukje citiraoпре 7 година
    It would seem, therefore, that self-evidence is useless as a practical criterion for insuring truth.

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