Alexander McGregor


Riding high on the success of his true-crime bestseller, reporter Campbell McBride is pulled back into a homicide investigation when he is confronted about one of the murders he has covered in his book. He's going to have to return to what seemed like an open-and-shut case — a woman strangled by her boyfriend — otherwise someone he cares about could be in danger.
McBride begins to suspect that an innocent man is in jail for murder and that there might be something significant about the black tie that was used to throttle the victim. Does it somehow link the crime to the police force? Does it show that the murder was just one in a grisly series of young girls strangled?
If McBride can't figure out exactly what has prompted these seemingly senseless, malicious crimes, then it looks like the killer will strike again. And this time it might be McBride's turn to suffer at the murderer's hands.
Gripping, fast-paced and acutely observed, Lawless will keep everyone guessing until the bitter end.
«This is a real page-turner of a story, unravelled and narrated by a journalist evidently familiar with the people and places about whom he writes. You won’t be able to put it down.»
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