Eneida Caetano

21 Tibetan Rites

21 Tibetan Rites — Exercises — Meditation — Revitalization — Rejuvenation — The book teaches us how to do the 21 rites, the physiological and subtle benefits of each rite and how to choose your own personal sequence in times of crisis.  Kept secret for thousands of years in monasteries of the Himalayas, the Tibetan Rites consist of a series of physical exercise rituals, with which regular practice harmonizes the function of glands related with aging.  They are considered the key to the fountain of youth!  The exercises of the 21 Tibetan Rites promote muscle tone, flexibility and contractibility, while toning the bloodstream, lubricating articulations and increasing coordination.  The rites also serve to strengthen the immune system, improve reasoning and judgement, allowing our innate abilities to manifest themselves.  Disciplined practice of the rites produces energy through movement, meditation and breathing, allowing us to save vital energy.  Through the rites we develop the ability to recharge our quota of vital energy each time we need it.  We activate our metabolism, improving the combustion which transforms food into energy and life, making way for disposition and equilibrium. Eneida Caetano — www.lamrim.com.br
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