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‘You were born to succeed!
Success is Nature’s law.’
Exercise your discipline muscles and they will rise to the occasion by filling your day with more satisfaction, effectiveness and far more energy
Do not let your mind float like a piece of paper in the wind. Work hard to keep it focused at all times. When doing a task, think of nothing else. When walking to work, count the steps that it takes to get all the way to the office. This is not easy, but your mind will soon understand that you hold its reins and not vice versa. Your mind must, eventually become as still as a candle flame in a corner where there is no draft
He gave up play with much delight.
Dry books, he read for new things to learn.
And forged ahead, success to earn.
He plodded on, with faith and pluck.
And when he won, they called it luck
Strive for constant and never-ending improvement and always try to better your best
Your business in life is not to get ahead of other people, but to get ahead of yourself
No matter what the BATTLE,
If you are really out TO WIN.
just concentrates on running the fastest race, it can run. So, compete with yourself.
On our path to success, we have to fight the tendency to look at others and see how far they have come or to look for their approval of our success.
we may consider the fulfillment of one’s ambition as success.
Actually, what we get from outside is only pleasure, whereas what lies within us is happiness.
Here are some ideas to strengthen your will and become a stronger person:
There is no success without sacrifice.”
. Faith 2. Family 3. Fitness 4. Friends 5. Finances
1. Faith 2. Family 3. Fitness 4. Friends 5. Finances.
For attaining stability in life, the following five areas in our life, require balancing—
1. Faith 2. Family 3. Fitness 4. Friends 5. Finances.
One has to learn to live life by adding life to years, not just years to life
To lead a stressless life, one should go with the conscience, not against it.
Winners never quit, and quitters never win.
Never confuse motion with action.
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