Betty Crawford,Dixie Henry

Meal by Meal: Reduce Bodyfat with Low Carb and Other Diet Recipes

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The Meal by Meal: Reduce Body Fat with Low Carb and Other Diet Recipes glosses over the low carb diet as well as several other diet plans to give you plenty of meal ideas making it easy for meal planning. You can enjoy low carb foods to make low carb meals from the low carb recipes. You can also enjoy low carb snacks and other diet recipes. The Meal by Meal book contains these sections: Dieting Cookbook, Chapter One: Low Fat Recipes: The Basic Weight Loss Recipes, Chapter Two: Low Carbohydrate Recipes: Somewhat Misunderstood but Very Helpful for Weight Loss, Chapter Three: Muscle Building recipes to Boost the Metabolism, Chapter Four: Fish Recipes to Lose Weight, Chapter Five: Raw Food Diet Recipes for the Daring, Chapter Six: Vegetarian and Vegan Recipes for Weight Loss, Chapter Seven: Paleolithic Diet Recipes: Turning Back the Clock…A Lot, Chapter Eight: Breakfast Recipes for Weight Loss, Chapter Nine: Desserts for the Diet Conscious, A Five-Day Sample Meal Plan, Final Word That Are Not So Final, Low Carb Diet, Chapter 1: Rise and Shine with a Fortified Breakfast, Chapter 2: Lunchtime Recipes for Afternoon Energy, Chapter 3: Great Dinner Surprises, Chapter 4: Unique Side Dishes, Chapter 5: Fulfillment with Drinks, Chapter 6: Make Ahead Snacks, Chapter 7: Let's Have a Picnic, Chapter 8: Exciting Desserts, Chapter 9: Wise Wok Cooking, Chapter 10: List of Low Carb Foods, and Chapter 11: Tips for Prepping. There are enough recipes to plan the menu for a couple of weeks in advance.
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