Elizabeth Laphorne

Heated Fantasies

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Book 1 in the Montague Vampires series.
Clare Rooney worked in the university library, and while her life wasn't exactly turning out how she expected, she couldn't complain either. Surrounded by books every day, and she did have her erotic fantasies to keep her warm at night.
Then Clare found a tome in the library on the Ancient Civilization of the Early Vampires, and she began to understand the world was a lot larger than she believed. Not only that, but something—or someone—much better than her fantasies was about to appear.
Simeon Montague was feeling itchy feet and a worry that his erotic fantasy woman held more appeal than any of the local escorts down at the pub. When Gavreel, his father, hadn't contacted Simeon or either of his brothers in over two months, he decided to check and make sure the old man hadn't landed himself in any trouble.
But when Simeon came across Clare at Gavreel's shop, the awesome potential to make his heated fantasies a reality came into focus, and Simeon knew they were both about to begin the ride of a lifetime.
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