A Joosr Guide to Influence by Robert Cialdini

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Are the choices you make really your choices, or is someone else influencing you? Whether you realize it or not, your most critical daily decisions could be in the hands of cunning “compliance professionals” who are focused on one job: making you say “yes”. Their tactics are insidious, numerous, and incredibly effective-unless you know their secrets.

Our society is full of information, coming at us fast every day in ever-increasing amounts. To keep up, our brain creates helpful shortcuts to make our decisions easier-but those shortcuts can be used to manipulate you into decisions you may not want to make. In Influence: Science and Practice, you'll learn the science behind the tricks used by salesmen, realtors, fundraisers and more, and you'll discover the secrets to making sure your decisions remain your own.

You will learn:

· What compliance professionals do to make sure you like them

· How following an authority figure can lead you to make choices against your judgment

· How to defend yourself against manipulative tactics and make your own decisions.
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    Özer Y.je citiraoпрошле године
    The most common one can be seen in television shows and commercials, where experts such as lawyers and doctors (or actors who play them in movies) tell us what brands and medicines to buy. We read these people as authorities, and blindly follow their guidance. We see other symbols of authority daily: height, clothing, unnecessary honorifics, and so on, are used to send one clear message: “I’m the expert here, and you should be following me.
    Özer Y.je citiraoпрошле године
    what if you were tricked into a small decision that made you commit to a larger decision later? To save your integrity, your mind would push you towards a big decision you may not want to make. Compliance professionals use this all the time.
    Özer Y.je citiraoпрошле године
    It’s often been found that censoring something or banning people from access to something will only make that thing much more desirable.

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