Teacher's Dead, Benjamin Zephaniah
Benjamin Zephaniah

Teacher's Dead

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A teacher is dead, murdered by two of his students in front of the school. He was a good man. People liked him. So how could this happen? Why? It just doesn't make sense to Jackson, and he is determined to investigate the case until he understands.

Benjamin Zephaniah has, once again, chosen a topical and hard-hitting subject – and he deals with it in his own uniquely empathetic and edgy way.
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if you really want to know more you have to also realise that even the stuff that people tell you can be wrong.
Boy A and Boy B
I was expecting something like an interrogation. Maybe television is to blame again, but I really thought that after witnessing a murder I would be subjected to hours of heavy questioning in a dark room, but all they did that day in the hall was ask me what I saw, and all I did was tell them what I saw. After speaking to other pupils I learnt that it was the same for all the witnesses. Then that thing happened, that thing when a group of people watch the same incident but see different things. Apparently it’s

Chico A y Chico B
Esperaba algo así como un interrogatorio. Tal vez la televisión tenga la culpa otra vez, pero realmente pensé que después de presenciar un asesinato estaría sujeto a horas de duros interrogatorios en un cuarto oscuro, pero todo lo que hicieron ese día en el pasillo fue preguntarme lo que vi, y todo lo que hice fue decirles lo que vi. Después de hablar con otros alumnos aprendí que era lo mismo para todos los testigos. Luego sucedió esa cosa, esa cosa cuando un grupo de personas ven el mismo incidente pero ven cosas diferentes. Aparentemente es

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