Eric Robertson

Breaking Overthinking

Stop your mind from becoming your worst enemy and discover how to break overthinking now!

Do you find yourself worrying all the time? Do you imagine the worst-case scenarios for the most mundane situations? Has anxiety become a part of your everyday life? Globally 18.1% of all adults suffer from some form of anxiety disorder. However, most of us see overthinking as something that is just part of being human. Well, the truth is that it doesn't have to be this way. Overthinking can be cured and with the right knowledge, it can be done without any medication or expensive treatments. 
This book was designed to make the journey of Breaking Overthinking accessible to everyone. Each obstacle is presented as a chain and by breaking the 5 chains of overthinking you can free your mind and rediscover yourself.
Inside this book, you will find:

— How overthinking can be detrimental to your social life.

— The hidden dangers of overthinking and what can happen to you if it's left untreated.

— How to declutter your mind from all the noise of the modern world.

— How overthinking affects your body, your energy levels, and your everyday mood.

— How your surroundings affect your state of mind and what you NEED to do in order to break out of that state.

— Bad habits we perform every day and don't even realize are destroying our sanity (and how to overcome them properly).

— How to cut out toxic people from your life which cloud your judgment and make you feel miserable.

I'm going to be honest with you…It's not going to be easy. Overthinking is something most people have become accustomed to and the sacrifices required to break the chains of overthinking are significant. This book won't give you results overnight, because it's simply not possible. But it will arm you with the right knowledge you need in order to break the shackles of overthinking once and for all.
The journey to self-improvement must begin with self-acknowledgment. It might sound scary but there is no other way.
If you have the courage to start this journey and free your mind from constant overthinking, then scroll up and Order Now!
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    When you practice brain dumping alongside mindfulness, you won’t feel overwhelmed and, thus, your thoughts will not be as troubling.
    Isaac Nwojije citiraoпре 6 месеци
    anxiety is a feeling of nervousness, being on edge, and constant worry about things we can’t control.
    Isaac Nwojije citiraoпре 6 месеци
    worrying is overthinking about problems that may or may not have happened yet, and anxiety is what you feel inside your body when you worry

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