Jonathan Reuvid

Growing Business Innovation

Innovation is fundamental to business, which in turn contributes to economies and societies moving forward. Traditionally it means ‘a new idea, device, technique or method’ but increasingly it now refers to ideas that provide better solutions, meet the needs or even provide the answers to something not yet a problem.
Growing Business Innovation addresses areas such as collaboration, challenges for large and small organisations, measuring innovation and getting a return on your investment. It provides answers to questions such as:
How do innovation and AI interactCan the innovation gap between corporates and SMEs be filled?What are the options for brand protection and dispute resolution?How can you claim R&D tax credits?How can business growth be achieved through industry-academia interactions?What is the impact of GDPR on IP work?How can you manage IP in your start-up business?How can business growth be achieved industry-academia interactions?No matter what stage, innovation needs nurturing and this book will act as an invaluable guide with support and advice from authors who are themselves innovators.
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