Deran Gray

Beginner Magic Spell Books Box set

Collected together for the first time in one complete set:

The White Magic Spellbook
Candle Magic Made Easy
Gray's book of Cleansing Spells
And includes extras!:
Gray's Pocket Book of Hoodoo Love Spells
Gray's Pocket Book of Hoodoo Protection Spells
An absolute must-have instant library of spells for everyone practicing the arcane arts.
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Deran Gray
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  • Inna Petrashovaje podelio/la utisakпре 3 године
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  • Star Magicianje citiralaпре 4 године
    A Simple Banishing Spell


    One White Candle

    One Black Candle

    Place the candles at opposite ends of your home and light them, as they burn visualize all the negative entities and influences leaving your home. Let the candles burn out naturally and bury them at opposite ends of your property.
  • Star Magicianje citiralaпре 4 године
    Quick Healing Spell


    One Blue Candle

    One Pin

    Take the blue candle and care into it the name of the person who is ill. Then stab it at the base with the pin and leave it there. Light the candle and visualize the person getting well. When it burns down to the pin blow it out. Then take the pin and place it under the ill persons bed.
  • Star Magicianje citiralaпре 4 године
    Green Candle Money Spell


    Green Candle

    A Pin

    Dried Basil

    Take the candle and carve your name and the amount of money that you need down the length of the candle using the pin. Next roll the candle in the basil. Afterwards place the candle in an upright position. Light the candle, visualizing receiving that amount of money and how it will change your life. Do this for a half hour each night until the candle burns out completely.

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