8Polica za knjige
8Polica za knjige

Citati iz knjige „iSell“ autora Leigh Ashton

Sow negative seeds and you’re destined to live your life in a sea of negativity.
Remember your unconscious mind wants to support and agree with you
you believe the world is a great place full of opportunity then that’s the information you will take
My journey has been blessed with many words of wisdom and support from others.
take it easy and promise to get an early night. I then instruct my immune system to do its stuff while I’m asleep and make me feel amazing the next morning.
Works every time.
You may be interested in my strategy for when I get a sore throat. Firstly, I thank my unconscious mind for alerting me to the fact I need to
First is the valley of reasons and excuses and the second is what you believe!
what they want to achieve…then and only then can you add value.
Find out about their map of the world, what’s important to them, what problems they have and
It’s really important for you to continually focus on what you want rather than what you don’t want.
: Building genuine rapport, integrity and trust, long term win/win relationships and a positive consultative approach.
What do you want?
How do you want it to be?
What do you need to get it?
What resources do you already have that will help you get this outcome?
Where are you with regards to achieving it?
What is the next step, which you can take towards getting your outcome?
When will you take this step?
The first set of questions would have focused you on the problem itself (what you don’t want) and may have caused some negative emotions.
The second set of questions focused you on the solutions to your problem (what you want) and should have been more empowering. These questions also get your unconscious mind to come up with options for resolution.
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