Peter Burns,John Griffiths,David Barnes

Behind the Thistle

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A rugby history based on exclusive interviews that “takes the reader as close to the action as it is possible to get, short of invading the pitch” (The Scotsman).
Based on exclusive interviews with players past and present, Behind the Thistle gives a unique insight into the drama and emotion of representing Scotland in that most rarefied of environments—Test match rugby. Drawing on firsthand interviews from a vast array of former and current players, from Russell Bruce and Frank Coutts in the 1940s all the way through to the present day, the authors uncover the heart and soul of Scottish rugby, recounting the ecstasy of victory and the despair of defeat, drawing out innumerable humorous anecdotes and heartwarming memories.
Behind the Thistle provides inside access to the private moments in the changing and team rooms, on tour, and on the pitch itself. From the tension before kick-off to the tumultuous heat-of-battle and the high jinks thereafter, this is the story of what it is like to play for Scotland, and the sacrifices and joys experienced by those who have shed blood, sweat, and tears in pursuit of glory in the international jersey. Absorbing, illuminating, and compelling, this is a must-have for all supporters who have dreamed of playing for Scotland.
“Really good reminiscences from hosts of Scottish rugby greats about a host of great Scotland rugby occasions.” —Sunday Times
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