Tony Levene

Investing for Dummies

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Build an investment portfolio and watch your returns multiply
Investing can be one of the quickest ways to make money, but if you think investing is only for the super-rich, think again. Whether you want to invest in shares, property, bonds or other assets, this friendly guide enables you to make sound and sensible investment choices, whatever your budget.
So if you're looking to get a first foot on the ladder or want to add to a brimming portfolio, this updated edition provides you with the expert advice you need to make successful investments.
Get started – take your first steps on the money trail with some investment basics
Build your portfolio – follow expert advice on investment options
Invest wisely – find out how to minimise the risk of investment gambles
Look ahead – examine the markets to decide which investment will net you a fortune in the year ahead
Broaden your horizons – start looking further afield and get the lowdown on more exotic investments
Open the book and find:
How to square off risks with returns
A step-by-step breakdown on how the stock market works
Techniques for examining investment-linked insurance plans
Advice on choosing an independent financial advisor
Why investing in your pension is so important
A guide to banking on bonds
Guidance on coping with the fall-out of the financial crisis
Ways to analyse stock-market-quoted companies
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